Should You Make The Switch? Using Apollo Inside Your Meteor App

Both @tmeasday and I have been pretty involved with Apollo recently (Tom as a developer, and myself as an end user) so we thought we’d start sharing our experience on the Discover Meteor blog.

First off, I wanted to address the most common question: should Meteor apps make the switch to Apollo?


Thanks @sacha for the brief and concise explanation :eyeglasses:


Yeah I think this really nails it, great article!

I would add one thing, which is that in addition to the two options of migrating or not migrating, there’s a third very viable option of building some new features or other clients with Apollo/GraphQL, connected to the same database. For example this could be one way to add a native app to your web app with the web app working over DDP and the native app over GraphQL.

I also love the mention of new movements in the Meteor community about improving pub/sub. Those are great to look into for Meteor devs as well.


I agree and excited with redis-oplog. Plus the blazejs 2.0 to be based on vuejs 2.0

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