[SOLVED] Error at production build step with bundle-visualizer: unknown: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined while minifying

Sorry no progress so far except ruling out the usual workarounds. Next I will try playing with the terser version to see if there wasn’t a regression of some sorts.

Even all the way back in 2.0? That is new.

@aureooms I have tried with the latest terser and that seems to fix the issue. I’ll submit a PR soon.
A bit of a discussion will have to be had if it is OK to release as a patch or if it is going to be a feature release for the next Meteor release.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. It did not happen in 2.0, it occurred when I upgraded from 2.0.

Give a try to this PR: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/pull/11630

Can you guide me on how to run this branch in an new project and in an existing project?

The package patch has been release so just get the latest packages at this point.

Here are the steps for future reference:

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@storyteller I did a last attempt with 2.3.7 today and got the same error. I did not try to change terser’s version by hand. I chose the easy route and went straight for Meteor 2.5.0 which works! I consider this a SOLVED problem.

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