starsRating undefined value in rating

I use the starsRating package to display a 5 star scale in each row of a dynamic table

<p>{{>starsRating mutable=true size='md' class='js-rate-image' id='rating' product=this.ObjectId }</p>

In .js template event I use the below code to get the star rating value

'click .js-rate-image':async function(event,instance) {
  this.state = new ReactiveDict;
  var rating = $(event.currentTarget).data("userrating");
  console.log('star rating',rating);

sometimes though the value gets ‘undefined’ although the star seems clicked on the screen so the user does not get which row has not been rated in order to re-rate again and set a value (I have created a check where all the values should be given proper values and not undefined this is why a pop up appears when rate is undefined)
How can I fix this?

Two things I notice, but I have no idea if they are related to your problem

  • you create a new ReactiveDict every time the click event fires, what is that supposed to accomplish?
  • all your rating elements have the same id rating, which is not the right way to use id and modern browsers will complain about it
  • you should be able to just use event.currentTarget.dataset.userrating

thank you for your useful comments

  • ReactiveDict was somehow forgotten, there was of no use I deleted it

  • the id='rating' inside html was also removed since the event is triggered on class and I also see that I am getting the right rating value each time the user selects a star

  • in my case the post below made me use this to get the rate value
    var rating = $(event.currentTarget).data("userrating");
    which also seems that works or I should think whether it is the reason of getting undefined at times…I ll check a bit more…
    I have tried also in past using this
    but with no result so I kept the one already mentioned
    Star Rating Save Data

Yes, I can see that now. Frankly I always thought that iwas equivalent to DOMElement.dataset, but it is not. You can access data elements with, but you can’t use DOMElement.dataset to access values set with Learned something new :slight_smile:

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