Starting App/Updated Doesn't Finish


For some reason, I have been having a lot of issues with Meteor lately. Currently, I try to start my app and it was stuck on “Starting App” for over an hour w/ the ’ - ’ still rotating around. I cancelled it after waiting so long and tried updating to the new and was taking way too long. I don’t have any idea what is wrong.


When that happens to me I delete the directory :


Then reinstall Meteor from scratch.
Did you read Stuck at “Starting your app”


I actually did all of that…started from complete scratch and right now, it is trying to start the app for over 30 mins now.


Is it possible you’ve run out of disk space?

Are you on Windows?


I am on windows and I have 718GB of space left. Yes, the meteor version in and outside are the same as well as the release is the same.


I do all my development on an i7 notebook machine running Ubuntu – but never in the base machine! I always spin up a virtual machine and work in that. I have many VM images for different projects. Do yourself a favor – download a copy of Xubuntu, create a VM in Hyper-V (or Virtual Box, or VMWare) and give it a try.

You’re sure to find a tutorial somewhere about sharing a folder between host and guest. Edit from the host, but run Meteor in the guest.


I have ubuntu dual booted on my windows 10 machine. What is the point of sharing a folder between host & guest with Meteor?


You get to use the editors and other tools you already know, while benefiting from Meteor’s greater reliability in Linux.

Your Windows IDE will write to the shared folder, then Meteor in Xubuntu will detect the changes and reload you app.

If you are already adept at Linux, just ignore what I’m saying. But, if you have to stay in Windows only, I really can’t help at all. Hate Windows. Hate Microsoft (since 1993 at least. don’t get me started).


Got it, I can use ubuntu distro pretty well so I think it will be alright. Thanks a lot for your help!


I just LOVE virtual machines.

I have a VM for each and every experiment I’ve done with different languages and tools. No fear an installer puts my base machine at risk.

I have one for banking and shopping: spin it up, run all the security updates, start my browser, do my tasks, shut it down. Nice cheap security.

I also have a VM running Tails that I use to see outside my regional bubble and when I need to research anything sensitive (like health questions) or whenever I need anything that might get me into shark infested waters.


Interesting to know, Thanks for input!