Steve Jobs: The Simple Jobs Queue That Just Works


The package already wraps all the code in try/catch, and if there is an error somewhere it will mark the job as failed, which means it will retry on next server restart.

so this would work:

var data = myFunction()

but something like this would now:

return myFunction()


Sorry I misexplained myself, Iā€™d like the job to be reschedule at a later time in case it fails, not only at server restart.

My function depend on an API which is sometimes down, but when a job fails because of the down API all the jobs are then blocked until a server restart which is not practical at all. Iā€™d like for a job to reschedule 1hour later in case it fails.


What you are trying to is very easy - I suggest you get familiar with the documentation and API :slight_smile: