Story time: who helped you with Meteor for the first time?

Discover Meteor and a lot of toying around and reading docs. So, in terms of people, @sacha has the biggest impact on me in the early Meteor days.

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@awatson1978 . She is brilliant!

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I learned via the Discover Meteor book, but @dandv is the one who introduced me to Meteor. Thank you, Dan!

EDIT: I should say “started learning.” :wink: I still have much to learn!

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@arunoda and @cmather have been the two most helpful for me learning meteor especially in the beginning. More recently I have been looking at the meteor source code to help better understand what is going on. It is really well documented and it gives great insight into why things work the way that they do.

I basically bother people here on the forum :smiley:

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Search engines made me somehow end up on google groups that gave me some food for thought on how to deal with meteor… I really started making the mind shift required when I started attending the local Meteor Day meetup and discussed it with more friends. But the very first help I got was random questions and answers that could somehow point me to the right direction.

I should start asking people from the begining

I started using meteor ~0.5, so there weren’t a lot of resources available. I learned most things just by repeatedly reading the docs. My first help from a human was from @cmather. By then he had written mini-pages which we used on an early version of Edthena. He was super helpful in walking me through all of the undocumented features, and introducing me to the MDG team at Devshop 0.