Storyteller's Meteor stream and other updates to Storyteller's content production

Recently I came to an agreement on a sponsorship with Meteor Software. As a result I’m changing things a bit around my sponsorship and stream.

The biggest change is that I will be changing my occasional streams to regular Monday programming. So every Monday, starting at 4pm CET, I will stream. Two times a month (or more) these streams will be fully dedicated to Meteor. The other times I will potentially talk about tech related matters (I will be experimenting to see what works and what does not, these might be indirectly related to Meteor, but it will not be a rule).

Thanks to the sponsorship, @grubba and potentially other Meteor Software staff will be joining me sometimes to provide additional information on hot topics, technical matters or just to work together on merging pull requests. Though often I will be using the steam to merge PRs or work on community packages. Also in the second half of the show my sponsors will have the opportunity to join me and discuss anything relevant with me (consider sponsoring me for this perk).

Also experimentally I will be streaming every Wednesday at 6pm on Twitch (potentially expanding that to other platforms) a free flow stream. Potentially while playing some game or doing something else which might or might not be programming related.

Now, this is a lot of extra work to my already busy schedule, so I will be keeping this up till the end of the year when I will re-evaluate.

As always, if you would like to support me and my contributions to Meteor.js and the community, please sponsor me via my GitHub sponsor page (remember membership gives you guest access to my stream):


What will I be covering on Monday:

  • Introduction (about me, about the stream)
  • MCP groups re-organization and planning
  • Quick talk with sponsors (if any)
  • What will the next episode be about

The stream will only be 1 hour long due to my family commitments.

Other topics that I would like to cover soon:

  • Updating example applications (code and deployments)
  • Another look at the Techno-Optimist manifesto (definitely with some guests or maybe on @alimgafar’s show)
  • MCP sprint (look at existing PRs and any quick wins that can be made)
  • Re-building my personal website and socialize-starter (my sponsors exclusive starter app) on Meteor 3. This will probably be a multi-part series.
  • Secret project reveal
  • Trying to get AI coding on Meteor 3 (after I rebuild my personal website on it), probably with GitHub co-pilot to begin with.
  • Building the MCP website
  • Philosophy & ethics in tech and in life
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Scheduling till the end of January:
Dec 25, 16:00 CET Storyteller’s stream - The Great House (part 1)
Jan 1, 16:00 CET Storyteller’s stream - Migrating my personal website to Meteor.js 3
Jan 8, 16:00 CET Storyteller’s stream - trying out Hono.js
Jan 15, 16:00 CET Storyteller’s stream - e/acc and The Techno-Optimist Manifesto and other accelerationism
Jan 22, 16:00 CET Storyteller’s stream - Building MCP website with Meteor.js 3
Jan 29, 16:00 CET Storyteller’s stream - introducing my literary universe