Suggestion: Meteor create-react-app


Here is a suggestion for an upcoming Meteor release:

meteor create-react-app

…creating a react/react router/ssr-ready Meteor app.

And how about:

meteor create-react-app --apollo

…creating the same thing plus setup for Apollo client/server.

Just a thought!

  1. I desperately need built-in scss support that works reliably across Meteor releases and does not require quirks like symlinks to include scss files contained in /node_modules. The guys behind fourseven:scss are doing an awesome job to keep up with stuff, but too often a Meteor release upgrade broke everything. So I would love to see scss as an officially supported feature, just like less.

  2. An officially supported accounts package for React.

(why did you change the title?)


You can already do this! (since Meteor with:

meteor create --react

An Apollo one would be useful though.

There’s also a few great community scaffolds like Vulcan and Pup