Suggestions to Deploy My Meteor App

Please help with my Meteor App deployment.
env: Meteor/Apollo/Mysql/React/Rust
Restriction: must be on local server, no third party cloud.

I have difficulty finding viable deployment roadmap and tried many ways to no avail. On obvious means of using node but I can only find Meteor/MongoDB deployment example online, no mysql. I tried to mimic but one required parameter MONG_URL for MongoDB can not be decided for mysql.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I think you are looking for ‘mup’ which makes it very easy to deploy meteor on a linux server.


tried mup multiple times. it is not ready for production.
I found a solution using meteor as a container in production.

Thanks for your info. happy coding.

@godadada can you please explain why mup is not ready for production ? (disclaimer : I use it on 3 servers in production since 2 years).
I have also other nodejs servers running with pm2 (, I would go with it if I were not happy with mup for meteor.

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Hey, I meant no offense. If it worked for you, great.
To me, It has many issues, e.g. it does not address required MONGO_URL value setting for any other dbs except mongodb; another example is the issue list on the github of mup, the issues are rarely addressed, repeated over years.


Hey no pb, just curious about what’s wrong :wink:
I’ve seen your issue (, did you try to build your own docker image (with expected nodejs version and gyp rebuild) ?
With such a complex setup, I agree mup seems not to be well adapted…

It turns out not so hard to deploy meteor app to production. Just deploy meteor app wholesale including meteor itself to production environment. I am not the only one doing it this way. Somebody else also has done it too (sorry I had the link handy).

it asks for MONGO_URL because you included a package that requires a running mongodb. check your packages in .meteor/packages

I built a search engine using Meteor/Apollo/Graphql/React/Rust.

I did not use any container, just deployed meteor itself. It runs well and very powerful. Try yourself