Svelte As a First Class Citizen

we have made some real progress on this list over the last few weeks (great work everyone ) … if there is anything else we should add to it please feel free to add a comment and I can update the original post to track things

I noticed this week that Meteor’s differential bundling doesn’t work reliably with Svelte unless you also expose Svelte’s internals for transpilation.

Nice work on the Tutorial :slight_smile: I’m brand new to Meteor and coming through the Svelte path, and so far so good, all working nicely :+1:

It would be really great to better understand (as a totally fresh Meteor-ite) how to:

  • Handle routes with svelte, easily/effectively
  • Customise any Meteor/Blaze integrated stuff (like the users login ui module) for Svelte, so I could do custom sign-up sequences for instance

thats awesome, any feedback that you think would help improve things please feel free to add them to this topic. Someday hopefully we can get an intermediate tutorial built as a second project for people to learn from


You HAVE to expose svelte packages to recompilation, even node_modules, because Svelte is a compiler, and node modules are delivered (or should be delivered) in source format.

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Some more “newbie feedback” — thinking out loud here and realise there are probably things I’m missing which are obvious to Meteor Veterans :slight_smile:

To summarise: I’d really love to use Meteor with Sevelte buuuuut…

I’m finding myself really wrestling with some sort of Blaze/Svelte combo just to get something as basic/fundamental as routes up and running, seems more difficult than it need be?

I probably don’t quite understand enough about the Meteor’s in’s and outs yet, so it may be easier than I think…

My biggest concern is there appears to be a lot of “secret sauce” going on that I’m going to have to wrestle with at some point to get it to work how I’d like, which sort of defeats the benefits I was hoping to gain by using Meteor

Right now, a couple of days in and after the tutorial I find myself on this cusp: of seeing “ok this is really really cool, love the data on the wire stuff, Svelte works great in principle”…

Buuuut, now I need to handle routes, and do some custom Auth for a non-trival app, and there seems to be no current way to do it but to get much deeper into Blaze and Meteor’s inner workings to hack it to work with Svelte front-end?!

My thinking then is: do I turn back to Sapper and building my own REST/GraphQL back-end?

Generally feeling excited about the potential of Meteor, would love to work with it, but a bit stuck on some basics which I feel need to be be covered before I can jump in confidently for any realistic app build.

Again just sharing raw feedback here, which may be valuable.

have you checked @stolinski’s level up

there is one on users:


Another meteor-svelte tutorial


Thanks man! Guys like you doing this are what will bring Meteor back to the forefront! Been rebuilding our BlazeJS app using Svelte and wow are we glad we held off on React!