The best Vue UI framework!


Hehe I see :smiley:

I said that iView was worth trying because, as I mentioned in my previous post, UI completeness, clear documentation and very easy set up are those thing that if missed I use to quickly discard a new tech. Or at least to delay it.

At first sight iView looked promising under those criteria and imho it is worth a try installing it.

I didn’t do that as I’m super happy with Elem so far and I stick with it for a while… or until I hear many raving reviews for iView :wink:


I’m using vuetify and its highly performant thus very small in footprint… don’t like the bootstrap design of elementFe…
vuetify will follow 100% material spec and as soon 1.x will be released its hard to beat in terms of completeness and look and feel.


Vuetify is good, but lack component such as form validation, progressbar, transfer…


iView is complete with component, but not yet stable and En doc


Personally I find that Material Design used in an app/website that is not part of Google and is not an Android app, feels kind of weird. Like you’re part of the Google fan club or something :stuck_out_tongue:


My tip is to use Vuelidate, very nice data-oriented library.

For personal use I made form generator with Vuelidate for validation, multiselect (the best select field solution for Vue) and ability to create template plugins for particular UI (I’m using Buefy for the current project).


Vue-data-tables looks pretty good! I wonder if there’s a way to implement infinite scroll though :thinking:


Nice discussion! I was really interested in using one of the main Chinese UI libraries, as I figured they’d be more battle-tested. But was rather shocked to discover that neither element-ui nor iView is intended to have responsive design.
Have you run into any issues with this?


FWIW, although iView doesn’t officially support mobile, i’m building a responsive site using iView and it’s working fine. I’d say 9/10 components works and looks fine across all devices. It has a grid system, and although it didn’t get merged you can use the commits in my PR to support boostrap-like v-hidden-xs, v-hidden-large etc responsive visibility


Thanks @efrancis…well, I just tried my best to persuade them there :wink: His nice & complete explanation of why they won’t, and your experience, is pretty positive, though. Did you end up using some 3rd-party components (which?), like @ric0 did with tables, to fill in the gaps?


so far I’ve gotten away with just iView, it’s got pretty much every type of component you’d need


Personally I hate the Material look, too much whitespace. Unfortunately both iView and Element use that look.Guess I’ll have to stick with Bootstrap until someone comes up with something Vue native and not Material based. Anything new in the last 3 months?


Quasar Framework


Quasar is good, but now stable for Meteor???


There are many options here:


Yeap it is stable. I use it for my projects


I have been using IView with Meteor + Vue for a while now. I like it.
Still, I am struggling to create responsive components. Although you can write mobile first, with row-col grid like Bootstrap, the elements doesn’t render nice in mobile, they look small and need to touch all styles for those media queries.

Anyone has a better idea of some better framework for Mobile + Desktop, hybrids that has all the components as IView does?