The Meteor State [December 2015]

Its December 2015

  • The Meteor Framework seems changing a lot! i never see this kind of change. The closest thing was the 0.8 to 0.9 migration.
  • People talking about leaving, found Phoenix found an Elixir based framework that seems to have real-time and other group of people talking about going back to Ruby.
  • The Beta saying that Atmosphere will be deprecated and NPM the way to go.
  • Whisperings about the future of Blaze, and React…people becoming crazy because they have to learn something new.
  • Lot of discussions (fights) about the changes. Is it production ready ? Why dont they focus on a core router ? Etc…

For this Christmas i have only to say that:

We all Joined Meteor because it was cutting edge, so enjoy that way… if you made your App or you are starting go ahead!!! use it, test it, break it, post it… but dont complain. Its free, its opensource. Lot of people working on this amazing framework full or part time. Trying to do their best.

So!, my message is, be happy…

And…May the Reactivity be with you


I also think it’s kind of tacky to have a huge thread about Phoenix on these forums. :+1:

I’m glad I saw it, Phoenix seems interesting but it is really tacky to have it front and center here.

Yes, i believe the same Sergio.

Its like going to a Ford dealer and talk good about Nissan.

But… people is free to believe and write what they want. I just posted this because i want to encourage people to use Meteor. I love it… i will love it with React, with NPM…with everything. I use it for personal projects, on my job we use Java EE + Angular + MySql + Mongodb and most of the people dont know what is to configure your project from 0.

Meteor is ahead…

It is, I believe, a misrepresentation to suggest that everyone “joined” Meteor because it “was” cutting edge. I for one did not “join” Meteor for this reason, and reading back now on just one thread of the many on this topic, Next steps on Blaze and the view layer, it seems clear many others share my sentiment.

But setting aside your wrong-assumption for a moment, the notion that if one did “join” Meteor for its “once” cutting edge-ness then one looses the right to future criticism is also false I believe.


I love Meteor and I already use it in production on my job. I also do some Java and that feels like traveling back in time. Technology moves on - and we developers have to keep pace. Meteor shows us how a framework should be and feel like in the year 2015.

My wish for the new year: Instead of complaining about the possible future (react VS blaze), help the community with post issues, answer questions on SO, discuss in forums, release innovations as packages on Atmosphere, and so on.

2016 will be our year.


Actually, it’s Facebook that’s showing us how a framework should be – that’s one of the reasons Meteor is getting rid of Blaze 1 and possibly becoming a Facebook integration stack.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a small business owner (solo) that built their service with Meteor and has many customers. Now the tech underneath you moves drastically, so drastically in fact that the software from one year ago is depreciated in favor of not just a upgrade, but a completely new technology.

Meteor is getting rid of Atmosphere in favor of npm.

Correction, 2016 will be the year of Facebook’s tech. The new Meteor, as the Facebook integration platform!

Thats what im talking about. I have the same feel when switching from Meteor to Java… is amazing the diference.

Mr. Adams, im a solo developer for projects that i implement in some business and im OK really, its true i dont have 1000 active users. But hey!, i knew that the Meteor path was going to be a bit difficult.

And i believe that the Meteor group is going to make a soft migration over React and NPM… im positive abut that.

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