The new APM for Meteor is coming soon!


That’s great to hear!:+1: Let’s make the better APM together!


Just got to it. On first trying the package, it crashes the demo app on Meteor 1.8 because of a reference to a non-existent “http” symbol (even when doing meteor add http). Did you successfully run it on 1.8 already ? Installing the package locally instead of using the latest release makes it work on 1.8.

Also, can we chat somewhere if we happen to be working at the same time on the subject ? e.g. on


Not sure why it’s happening, demo application was tested with package installed from atmosphere. Could you please create issue with detailed stack trace?
I didn’t know about gitter (in Kazakhstan it’s not so popular), thanks I will join it right now.


I won’t have access to the machine running it until next thursday, but IIRC to make it work on 1.8, I had to use the master HEAD from the locally installed package instead of Atmosphere, and add the fibers and http NPM modules manually. It then worked, and I was able to see my stats in the APM dashboard and Kibana in general.


that’s interesting, I will try to catch this bug. Thanks!
PS: sorry for the late reply


for those encountering the following issues:

1.) TypeError: Cannot read property 'constructor' of undefined at

  • we got away by using meteor version

2.) meteor Error: Cannot find package "http". Try "meteor add http"

  • we had to add http@1.4.2 in .meteor/packages before kschingiz:meteor-elastic-apm

3.) _ is not defined

  • we had to add underscore@1.0.10 in .meteor/packages before http

Hope this helps someone. We’re currently testing the APM and we’re looking into implementing it to our production boxes tomorrow.

@kschingiz, awesome tool man!


Thanks! I will fix these bugs asap, unfortunately I am experiencing lack of free time, so any contributions will help much.



I wanted to say a big thank you for doing this. Kadira APM is a mess in terms of code, hard to maintain and won’t last that long. We are already frustrated with it. It’s no wonder the business failed with such bad code.

I want to contribute – give me a couple of weeks an we’ll circle back. We also want to be able to see the APM directly within the app (vs another URL) so users can administer without multiple logins.