Too many documents being fetched by publications

A few of our publications are fetching too many documents - as high as 29M in 24hours! What does this exactly mean? There are no visitors on the site except google crawler. The most interesting thing here is that we have only 81K documents in the db.

  • What’s the meaning of fetched documents?
  • Why are the documents being fetched again and again?
  • How do I reduce the number of documents being fetched?

Note: We’re following kadira’s guide and are not publishing any documents that were updated in the past hour.


Did you find a solution/reason? I have the same problem, I can’t understand way. My app have also no active sub for some collections, but a lot of fetched documents.

I have the same problem, and also my meteor app uses 100% CPU all the time. All these issues start when i switch servers (to more powerful one) and update Meteor from 1.2.x to

I know this is old but no one ever found a solution. The issue could be this:

It’s Meteor poll and diff.