:( Unexpected article='undefined' appears and breaks down my app


Yes, I suppose that since you have no subscriptions when the template is being rendered, your Template.subscriptionsReady will return true and it attempts to render without actually having data. A way through that, to test, would be to set a RecativeVar to true after it has subscribed and use a helper to check that var instead on Template.subscriptionsReady.

But try just put it all in onRendered first


Oh, and if you put it in a autorun, when the Flowrouter is ready it will run the correct subscription (it will re-run when the param changes). After you page is loaded, just run FlowRouter.getParam(“id”) in the console and you will see it is the new id


console.log returns id of previos article, not of newly created.
Template still doesn’t renders , but at least now I know what happens

Yes, it subscribes on the old id, but when the helper is called, it has the new id, not the one you subscribe on


tnanks a lot, it works with this code:

Template.ArticlePage.onCreated(function() {
  var self = this;
  self.autorun(function() {
    const id = FlowRouter.getParam("id");
    if (id) {
      self.subscribe("articleSingle", id);