Unexpected error - Angular 1 + Meteor 1.6

I am getting this error on client side in browser web application.

Unexpected error.

This appears in a totally white blank page in browser on top left corner when I access my web application.

It appears occasionally. There is no error in the Meteor Server Console or in browser console. It can be reproduced either.

Whenever this error appears, non of my client apps (android, ios , web app) works, which are connected to this specific server. The server shows that its running but it does not. When I restart Meteor Server, then it starts working fine, I get this error once in about two weeks, I don’t know what is causing this error, or how to debug this. Any idea what is causing this issue? This is really critical, I have my Live Application running, and it should not crash like this. Please provide me some solution or a way to debug. Thanks

Also are there any logs on my Meteor App which I can check? Plus I am running this App on staging with --production flag.

Memory? Disk? Hacking? Check the server logs to start with. How is it deployed?

where do I check the logs? Its running with --production flag like this:
ROOT_URL=http://staging.example.com:9000 meteor --settings settings.json --port 9000 --production

From the Meteor Guide:

Never use --production flag to deploy!

--production flag is purely meant to simulate production minification, but does almost nothing else. This still watches source code files, exchanges data with package server and does a lot more than just running the app, leading to unnecessary computing resource wasting and security issues. Please don’t use --production flag to deploy!

Long story short - you’re probably just pushing your server to do unnecessary work for far longer that it should. The meteor command is for development only.

Should what should I do here? Can you sugest me the easiest way to simply deploy Meteor App as a live or production? I am not good with Server side integrations


If you have your own server:

When I asked you to check the logs, I meant the servers log files, not meteors. Since you said you did not get any messages in the server console I assumed whatever kills it is external

But I already have a dedicated server from Amazon. So why should I go for Galaxy?

Can you please tell me where can I found these error logs on my server?

You asked for the easiest solution. No devops = easy.

If you have a dedicated server from Amazon, check their FAQ. There’s no global standard.

@robfallows & @ralof I am trying to deply me application via custom deployment but I am facing issues, can you please check my post and help me if you can: