User Accounts: 2 Factor Auth support

Hey folks, something I’d been thinking about: can we get some kind of support for authorization codes for user accounts?

I think it would be great if it would work like this:

  1. User logs In on app client
  2. Meteor generates a numerical code
  3. User enters numerical code into client, which passes it to server
  4. If the code is correct, the loginToken gets sent

In this approach, it would be up to the developer to decide how that code is delivered (i.e. sms, email etc) and entered.

It would be nice if email verification would work in a similar way, where the server just generates a code and then it’s up to you to send the email the way you would want, and configure the routes the way you would want.

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wow, this 8 years old post just appears on top. I think the account-2fa package solved this issue.

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