Using Google maps js api with Cordova

hi @paulishca ,

Thanks a lot for your interest and help! We’ve just tested that and what it does is only set the variable Meteor.isModern = true in the client. So it says it’s “modern” but the bundle is still based on legacy.

We’re still searching in the code where the build of the bundle is done.

We’re not sure it’s going to be easy as all packages in /Users/fafafa/.meteor/packages do have different sources for :

web.cordova-legacy (yeah, that exists!)

which probably means the required change to build a modern-like bundle for cordova is deeper/wider than just changing one value somewhere.
we’ll get back as soon as we find something useful!

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So far, we found that errors were because of overrides of Map and Set so we disabled them as described in this thread on github : Google Maps JS API will stop working in Cordova in May for iOS+Android · Issue #13094 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

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Confirm the disabling overrides in ecma_runtime_client makes maps work. Thank you @burni13 for sharing it.
I did face some compilation challenge, but eventually got it sorted.

Can you show me the directory containing the data of ecmascript-runtime-client? is it in C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\ecmascript-runtime-client ?

Can you specify how to fix it?