Using Meteor as the back-end framework


Hi Folks,

I am considering developing the back-end for an entire system using Meteor.js and I was wondering if I can ask what you think about the following architecture:

Use meteor + apollo Graphql server + Typescript for API development. the idea is to have access to data using Graphql and also provide reactivity through meteor architecture.
Using Angular 5 as the front-end application. this will be running on a completely different application and it just talks to the Graphql from the back-end. I find it easier to maintain the front-end if it’s its own entity. Additionally, I can have an ionic application connecting to it (or any other clients for that matter)

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.


I would ditch Meteor and just use Apollo Server for the backend.

Although I’m aware that you’d need to rollout your own Account system and rely on local client mutation updates and/or subscriptions to achieve reactivity, Meteor just seems an overhead to me in this kind of architecture.

I’d go with the Graphql route. Though that’s just me.


Auth0 is an option for that.