I’m looking for a windows installer for version I have taken over a website using this version and need get it up and running before upgrading.

Thanks in advance.

That will be on the old Windows installer. I wasn’t able to find an archive, but if you just install Meteor locally via the normal method it might be able to download the old version of Meteor still. Though you might run into other problems due to the age of that version.

See this for Windows setup: Install Meteor.js | Meteor API Docs

And you will probably have to deal with expired certificates: Expired Certificates | Meteor API Docs

I highly recommend to update asap at least to version 1.12.1

Thanks @storyteller,

I think I got it moving in the right direction, however when I run this command:
meteor build --architecture=os.linux.x86_64 --allow-superuser --directory $BUILD_DIR

I get a lot of “error: certificate has expired” errors like:

While downloading url@1.2.0…:
error: certificate has expired

While downloading useraccounts:core@1.14.2…:
error: certificate has expired

I have searched on it and it seems like the solution for most people is to use this:


I’m on Windows, so I tried with


but still no luck.

Any ideas?

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Perhaps this is worth a shot, since you are on Windows: Following tutorial, 'TEST-WATCH' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file - #2 by copleykj

Thanks @vooteles, but it looks like the a very different error msg compared to the one I got.