Video Tutorial on Migrating Meteor 1.1 to Apollo/GraphQL

I tried to upgrade to from 1.2.2 and ran into issues. I’m getting Can’t find npm module ‘bable-runtime/helpers/typeof’ error. Will I have to reinstall Meteor and delete .meteor in the home directory in order to resolve this?

UPDATE: I got working by removing .meteor and doing a curl install. Now to test.

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What did you figure out that we can learn from?

I’d like to know the answer to the question you asked.

@mz103 sorry, where you asking me a question? If so, which question were you referring to (I asked a couple)?

Reactivity and real-time data are two different things. Apollo does support reactivity because (from what I’ve seen) it uses redux underneath. React’s setState can achieve a very similar reactivity as Tracker and Blaze. The thing you should be worried about with non-meteor solutions is getting fine real-time data.

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Yeah, I was referring to the one you deleted above my post.

@mz103, I ended up deleting the .meteor dir and reinstalling with curl, that fixed the issue installing

The answer for me was here:

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Also just wanted to let you guys know I haven’t forgotten about this… it’s coming down the pipe in a week or two. I need to make some kind of spike for transitioning a current app so it’ll happen sooner or later :slight_smile:


Interesting conversation, thanks @SkinnyGeek1010!

One thing that I worry about is the size and complexity of the javascript bundle that I’m creating when I’m using so many technologies together in an app (minimongo+livedata+apollo+react+blaze… etc. etc.). If I’m creating an app that’s going to be accessed on phones on mobile networks, how many libraries can I cram in there before I create an app that is completely unusable on mobile? (real, non-rhetorical question!)

I know I could potentially split code by creating different projects, but that will requires careful surgery of the code, more work.

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Ok, quick update… I started recording tonight but had to (temp) pause the recording as I spent about an hour cursing and muttering at the NPM gods. I finally have it installable so they screencast should be out soon :thumbsup:

@sashko is apollo-server 0.1.5 the latest that works with Meteor? I had errors with apolloServer not being a function using the latest readme in the Meteor section. I also had to go back to graphql-tools 0.6.6 because of an illegal token error (maybe an es6 error or something… can’t remember). Just wanted to double check before recording it!

I think the docs are just out of date (PRs encouraged!) but @loren’s starter kit is up-to-date with 0.2.8:

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Thanks for the link. I updated my package.json to have those (which added graphql-typings) but it still errored out. Apollo package was stuck at 0.0.1 so I removed .meteor/versions which updated a lot of things including apollo. Working now :thumbsup:

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Have you posted the videos yet?

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Not yet, still have to record it… after hitting those previous snags I called it a day :thumbsup:

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I had the same issues when playing with vue-apollo recently.

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Sorry for your technical difficulties @SkinnyGeek1010 . Looking forward to the screencast!

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Give the npm package a try! :slight_smile:


Great news! I will try it asap :slight_smile:

Given that Vue is the only serious React competitor at the moment (imho), it could be a good idea to highlight that vue-apollo npm package on the apollo website to attract numerous Vue users. Just my two cents…

I agree, this is an awesome idea! As soon as the vue-apollo package gets a bit more usage and someone is using it in production, we should definitely add it to the website.

Let’s see how it develops?

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Also, we should get a blog post on Medium going about vue-apollo ASAP - @akryum are you interested?

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