Webpack compiler inside Meteor (ES6 modules, hot reload and code splitting!)

Hey priezz,

Most people are using the devServer port config, but I understand when you have multiple Meteor projects using a random port can be better.

I’ve added the WEBPACK_PORT env var to webpack:webpack@1.0.12 :slight_smile:

WOW, you are superfast! Thanks a lot, works like a charm.

@benoitt is there an upgrade guide (or is it even necessary)? i was using this before 1.0 and am planning to update now that 1.3 is out. there is a “from scratch” section, but not a upgrade one.

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@benoitt I couldn’t get Webpack + babel-root-slash-import running. I’ve added it using NPM, then created the .babelrc file and added it as a plugin. But having it set up this way doesn’t change anything.

any point in having this in 1.3.1 with npm react support.