What are you sitting on?

After testing the IKEA Volmar(Link below with Norwegian price), although a pricey thing, I’ve never been happier. Back is straighter. I try to avoid any arm rests as I feel they often raise the shoulders too much, or make the chair a nightmare to tuck away.

Also, one thing I think matters as much as the chair is strengthening your back. Get a gym membership and a session with a PT to lay out a program to strengthen your back. I got a good program doing olympic lifting. Starting to look pretty beefy pretty fast. Back is better than it has been in a while. NOTE ON THIS: This is a permanent thing you have to do. You can’t beef up for 2 months and expect that to be enough for a couple of years… I don’t do it to look beefy. I do it to have a working back in 40 years.

However, in the laptop department I do everything I can to avoid using them. 1 hour on the bus and my neck can be messed up through most of the following day even… 5 years of uni has taken its’ toll on the brain attachment! ^^


I prefer Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh I sat in at least 40 chairs before this one and after some quick adjustments, immediately recognized the perfect fit. As pointed out already this chair seems designed for somewhat taller people (I would guess 5’8" to 6’4"). I’m 6’2" and only have one of the adjustments in the outer position which is the seat forward adjustment. This chair is incredibly comfortable. It has every adjustment you can imagine. It looks great. It has honestly helped a ton with back pain I have had from bad posture and insufficient lumbar and neck support.

Found this thread just when I needed one. Looking for a good quality chair myself now, thanks guys