What is the best admin package for meteor?

I am looking at both Houston (https://github.com/gterrono/houston) and Meteor Admin (https://github.com/yogiben/meteor-admin). Meteor Admin looks more customizable but it has more steps to setup than Houston and I have gone through their issues and I have seen some for Meteor Houston seems safer but I am not sure if it is as customizable. Does anyone have experience with these or is there a better admin package I should be looking at?

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Isn’t it just one?

@AdminConfig = {
  collections: {
    Posts: {}

Well not really, I have to install and configure this these:

Iron Router - meteor add iron:router
Collection Helpers - meteor add dburles:collection-helpers
An accounts system - e.g. meteor add accounts-base accounts-password
Bootstrap 3 - e.g. meteor add twbs:bootstrap
Fontawesome - e.g. meteor add fortawesome:fontawesome

I would prefer not to have bootstrap in my app but I guess I can deal.

Definitely http://orionjs.org/. I have tried all major 3 and orion core and family of packages is the most extensive and customizable set. And actively supported and used on production environments. That is why I joined the team


Like you said, Houston is super simple to get up and rolling. The major drawback imho is weak support for arrays. Meteor Admin has no problem with arrays, but that’s because of the initial setup work (e.g. creating schemas).

Going forward we’ll probably stick with Houston for rapid prototyping, and Meteor Admin for production apps.

Recently, I had to build an administration tool for a client’s app. This is boring stuff, and I was not looking forward to it. I also didn’t like current solutions, so I forked Mongol, removed the debugOnly parameter, and created permissions for opening it and making edits. In production, it was an amazing solution because:

  • the client was able to see the documents relevant to the screen he was on (instead of having to search)
  • the client was able to see changes reflected in real time
  • I saved a few days of development time

how would you deal with data that stays on the server until e.g. you ‘approve’ it?

I would just write a custom methods

Would love to see more about this. The Toys can become an inline Admin Package. (On production server)

I was able to get up and running with orion after downloading the example blog. It’s really opened the door for a pretty robust CMS even for a simple one-page app. Looking forward to continuing with it. That being said, I haven’t tried the others yet.

Would you be so kind to share your solution, ideally as a package ?

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Honestly there really isn’t a good package

Huston is ok but has the following issues

  1. Arrays don’t show, so if you have a collection with userIds that is an array that will not work
  2. If you have a collection that you only want to add via the admin panel it will not work huston uses existing docs
  3. UI needs a lot of work

Meteor Admin

  1. If you’re using roles the package to define your own roles in your app this will not work with the package
  2. You have to use the listed packages in your app, for example I’m not using collection2 but SimpleScheme

Yeah I ended up just coding my own for my specific needs

Yea I’m looking at forking Meteor admin and making the changes I need

Is there an admin panel where i can make find and update querys?

MongoChef is an awesome MongoDb client which certainly helps

I use MongoBooster, it is good and more…

I’ve been hearing a lot about companies needing an admin dashboard from here and from Meteor Toys customers, so I am happy to introduce a totally new package for that.

It’s built just for Meteor and works with it out of the box. It’s also really easy to add your own data and functionality.

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