Why MDG needs React & Facebook (article)

The author (@joshowens) brings up some good points about the community and what led to where we are today.

I’m hoping we as a community can soon come to a decision, stick with it, and have a clear path forward.


Here’s the link to, I believe, the standalone Blaze effort that Josh talks about in the article: https://meteor.github.io/blaze/


In the article he states

would be pursuing a potential bridge to help people get from Blaze to React using a new front-end rendering option. They’ve now tentatively reversed that decision, and it sounds like Blaze should stick around.

What is the source of this? I’m just learning Meteor and have decide to learn React, but Blaze seemed much simpler!

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Here and here. I am glad they changed their mind on the whole thing, but I think they are caused shifts in the community and things aren’t going to be easy to reverse in regards to React vs Blaze.