Why MongoDB is unreliable


From Is RethinkDB the next DB singing on Meteor?

"…what makes the integration of any non-MongoDB database with meteor especially difficult lies in the 3rd principle of the platform:

Database Everywhere. You can use the same methods to access your database from the client or the server.

Which basically means that we have to re-implement a full database on the client (minimongo, miniredis, minirethink, etc.), which is non-trivial…"

“…the tricky part is the wire protocol (livedata) and the client “mini” database.”

Note that Meteor uses oplog for improved reactivity speed but can fall back to long polling (every 10 seconds).

Personally I’m hoping RethinkDB will get some love either in core or as a package.


I am not sure if the DB must be same, cause you are accessing collections.
So as long as backend DB can cover all Collection operations with same queries, it should not be stopping factor.
Ofc if there is possibility to listen for delta log or oplog or whatever which can specify the diff.


Hello all, Mongo’s consistency problem was fixed as of Mongo 3.4, and Mongo 3.6 is looking very nice!.

Meteor 1.5.1 is still on Mongo 3.2. Let’s hope an update comes soon!

Sorry for necrobumping (multiple threads), I just think the community should know.


Thanks for the new links, Mongo 3.6 looks very exciting!


And now MongoDB 4.0 supports transactions :rocket:


Does this mean you are back on the Meteor? :smiley:


If only service workers were supported!


Being able to automatically have Meteor apps be placed in an Android user’s app drawer is HUGE (which requires Service Workers). If Meteor aims to make deploying web-based apps a breeze, then this is a must.


Seems to me like this topic has been resolved and a debate about different topic has been started. For service workers I would suggest that you go to the official feature request to hash out how this should be done in Meteor and for the ambitious ones to start working on a PR.