With meteor 1.3 i am not able to fetch data with database


i did nothing happend


That means Tasks is not being imported, it works when you leave away const because u define it globally then.

i belive import statement should be
import 'imports/api/tasks.js';


this is my simple todo repo. clone it https://github.com/mingliang7/simple-todo-meteor


thanx @mingliang7 your todo repo is working, i will go through it …and i will look what’s the problem with my one… @shibbn thnx for help…


no problem, i just went through step 1-3 (on mac) and everything worked fine…maybe try going through it again step by step… good luck :slight_smile:


you’re welcome. you probably missed something


import ‘…/imports/api/tasks.js’ should be in server/main.js not in client/main.js. That was the problem with my app. Now everything works fine


I think you should take a look and make sure you place import '../imports/api/tasks.js'; in a correct file and place. To this, I experienced as what you are facing, but I realized that I place that api import in wrong place.

3.2 Load tasks collection on the server server/main.js »
import ‘…/imports/api/tasks.js’;