[Worked Around Solved] getMeteorData() is slow

that does not mean it is available during client startup (especially if you dont use fast-render)

Don’t copy this.data into state. Instead, use this.data as the default, and override with this.state like so:

myValue = this.state.myValue || this.data.myValue;

This way, the value will update, unless the user has overridden it.

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Fast-Render makes the userId immediately available. You should use that for auth checks, separate from the user collection. And if you’d want, you could check the user collection and block re-rendering in a componentShouldUpdate until it becomes available, i.e. combined with SSR.

@sylar maybe you want to check out TrackerReact. Here is a basic example, my only one public, that shows how you could deal with user and user authentication:

@sergiotapia we have not found any drawbacks. And since the package is literally just a few lines, we decided to bring it into production. On the repo was a issue discussion about that.

One of the benefits is that it brings meteors known plug & play, without freezing states, to react in meteor.


Ok ill try this and see. Thanks. But Im new to react and more studies needed.

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@sashko Thank you! This worked perfectly!

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@sashko Your method did worked; with more code but a user could not clear the field. This made me invested more about Meteor and I’ve found Meteor.autorun.

I had to change my original code from:


Meteor.publish("userData", function () {

I needed to add the subscription to FlowRouter:

FlowRouter.route('/profile', {
  name: 'profile',
    var subs = Meteor.subscribe('userData');
    Meteor.autorun(function() {
      if (subs.ready()) {
        ReactLayout.render(App, {
          nav: <Nav />,
          content: <Profile user={ Meteor.user() }/> // passing the props to getInitialState()

Now my getInitialState() looks like this:


fname: this.props.user.profile.firstName,

formSubmit() {
  let fname = this.state.fname;
  let students = {
   firstName: fname,
  Meteor.users.update( { _id: Meteor.userId() }, {
    $set: {profile: students}

My render():

<input type="text value={this.state.fname} onClick={this.formSubmit} placeholder="First name" />

Bam! Two-way binding at its best with Meteor and React! Works fast across FF, Safari and Chrome.

Credit to this goes to @Steve

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Meteor.user() || {profile:{}}