Would you replace an in-house developed ERP with meteor?


Is it already on Github? I’d like to look on it and maybe join as contributor as I’m thinking on doing something similar.


Sure, I’ll send you a link shorty. I’m just bundling up my latest version
and putting up.


Hi Folks:

This should get you going: https://bitbucket.org/quasimotoca/griderp I’ll be putting it on-line to tinker with next week. I’ll try and get a commit up to Bitbucket daily and of course feel free to contribute! - I’m not fussy :slight_smile: I’m fairly new to Meteor and Bitbucket so if I go stupid, let me know.



I’m interested, let me know how I can contribute.



Thanks for your interest in the project. I’ve been immersed in Apollo for
the last few weeks so I haven’t done much else. If you want to toss around
some architecture ideas and starting points that would be a great help.
Cheers, Dave


Here’s my input to be the most irrelevant comment of this topic.

Personally, I humbly think that the game in the enterprise world will mostly change through some new tools/platforms such as MicroSoft’s PowerApps and a Seattle-based initiative named AppSheet helping us use our already existing data sources (including spreadsheets as well) more easily and effectively rather than other solutions aiming to take places of the old “dinosaurs” .