Hey there, I am Serkan. A generalist engineering leader, mentor, facilitator for 20+ years; I help start and grow full stack engineering teams! I also indulge myself with JavaScript.

I’ve first used Meteor in the early 0.x days before even the accounts system was introduced. Over the years, I’ve worked on arguably some of the largest and most complex Meteor codebases.

Needless to say, the awesome community was one of the main drivers for my interest in Meteor and I’ve contributed back as much as I could with

I’ve been able to scale up to thousands of realtime, simultaneous connections on tiny servers, created custom multi-tenant accounts systems, built a server-only http api for high-frequency data ingestion for a MS SQL server data warehouse, surveyed a handful of popular Meteor apps for security and performance, consulted for some of the greatest Meteor-focused engineering teams.

Some public facing businesses/apps I’ve worked on include White Rabbit, Plutio, Uberchord and Perifold to name a few.

The solutions I’ve worked on include line of business apps such as accounting and finance, to operational apps like shipments, public apps for content and e-commerce as well as more specific things like education, IoT, productivity etc.

My approach is often driven by my love for sharing my knowledge, hiring great talent and training them and setting up a sustainable, successful team that can move forward in a healthy and competetive pace for the business.

Finally, I see Meteor as a tool to get things done. As with any other tool, it is suitable for some types of work and not for others. It also has its own quirks, just like any other framework does. Given a proper architecture and well designed software development approach, the focus can easily be shifted away from the tool(s) to the business and that’s the exact value proposition I seek to offer.

Cursory COVID-19 update:
I’ve been working remotely and managing remote teams for almost 10 years now. I’ve worked across timezones spanning east and west coast US to Japan as well as Europe and Africa in between. I can help set up the necessary structure and facilities to ensure a smooth transition to temporary or permanent remote set ups, ensuring mutual employee and employer happiness along the way.