_.findIndex() is gone, where to find?

http://underscorejs.org/#findIndex is missing in meteor and cannot be found in the result of


where do I find it?

running meteor 1.3.1 and underscore 1.0.7 both latest

I haven’t checked. But if the version of underscore is really the one that you’re saying, then there isn’t such a method.

findIndex was added to underscore in version 1.8

thanks for the response @smeijer

Here’s the problem: https://atmospherejs.com/meteor/underscore hasn’t kept up to date with the official library, leaving out findIndex().

The solution was to remove the meteor underscore package and add the NPM one which is up to date https://www.npmjs.com/package/underscore

meteor remove underscore
meteor npm install underscore --save

in code:

import _ from 'underscore';