_escaped_fragment_ deprecated

So this is news from 2015, but I wasn’t aware of it. Can anyone shed more light on _escaped_fragment_, prerender and if this all still works fine?

You can look at this:

I have pre-render working just fine.

I saw a lot of guides where you install your own little server or something, but, that’s not necessary.

Just get prerender.io working, it’s not so bad. It took me 2 days to figure out, and then duh, it was easy. I’m using flow router and some SEO package, it all works wonderfully.

No need to even see _escape_fragment in your testing. You’re going the wrong way. Go to PreRender.io and have a read through their stuff.

NOTE: Galaxy paid customers get a free account there, but that account is an enterprise account. The cache only clears every 30 days or something. So if you have an og_facebook image you change… itll take forever to change. Cheers,

Right. I’ve used prerender for a long time. And am currently using galaxy

The question was more about the seo result of these approaches. I know we
have good SEO, but different search engines work differently. Potentially
spas take a hit on bing or other engines.

Ah, okay, well the “escaped_fragment” was to tell your webserver that it can’t run JS. Or something… so it redirects over to PreRender.

Or the other way is “Server side rendering” that spits out a compiled result.

Essentially it’s just a cache of a prebuilt page, and “escaped_fragment” is how you do it.

Would have been nicer in this format: mysite.com/?prerender_cache=true

But no. The internet is complex and scary…