1.2 package taking forever to rebuild

I’ve recently upgraded to the 1.2 release candidate branch for my main project and ran into a problem. My app is laid out using the package structure. Each feature is it’s own package. When I try to edit the core package that all the other packages use, meteor decides to take a holiday for about 20 minutes before coming back.

Anyone experiencing a similar situation?

It seems like I’m having problems too. When I’m saving a file and Meteor throws an error, it rebuild for like 10 times before stopping making it super resource-intensive. Does it seem related to that?

Currently it doesn’t seem to ever stop. I ended up killing the process and starting again and have seen this:

=> Started proxy.
=> Started MongoDB.

For about 25 minutes now. The node process is using 1.5 GB of RAM. I tried deleting all the build directories and re-running it but still getting the same behaviour.