1.2 upgrade - Some packages not upgrading. How to resolve?


Iā€™m a little stuck. After upgrading to 1.2, I have a few package dependencies that are not upgrading to their latest version. How do we identify the dependencies that need to be upgraded? Any ideas greatly appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

This project is already at Meteor, the latest release.
Your top-level dependencies are at their latest compatible versions.

The following top-level dependencies were not updated to the very latest
version available:
 * fourseven:scss 2.1.1 (3.2.0 is available)  
 * materialize:materialize 0.97.0 (0.97.1 is available)
 * wolves:bourbon 1.2.0 (3.0.0 is available)  
Newer versions of the following indirect dependencies are available:
 * babrahams:editable-json 0.4.3 (0.6.0 is available)
 * jparker:gravatar 0.3.1 (0.4.1 is available)
 * softwarerero:accounts-t9n 1.0.9 (1.1.4 is available)
 * yauh:turfjs 0.0.1 (1.0.1 is available)     


You could try


before running meteor - you get a lot more information.


This is usually because there is a specific version in the packages file. Try to remove and reinstall the package.

Beware that upgrading might break your app.