1.3.1 meteor build - this app is not compatible with architecture 'os.linux.x86_64'

Help! I can’t see how to get this working and it’s blocking my deploys…

$ meteor build ../tmpBuild --architecture os.linux.x86_64
Errors prevented bundling:
While linking the program:
error: this app is not compatible with architecture 'os.linux.x86_64'

I have more details (package.json, packages etc) in my issue comment at #6537 Error when building for os.linux.x86_64

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I have exactly the same problem as you when deploying to Galaxy. It disappeared some time ago, but today I got this error and cannot do any deployment.

Did you try the suggestion made by raphaelkross?

OK, I got it working finally. You need to do a $ meteor reset and then delete the node_modules folder in your app. I did also a $ meteor update just in case, but I think it’s not needed at all.