1.3 downloaded in the background, but not ready to update meteor until it is safe


So Meteor 1.3 downloaded in the background. I dont want to update Meteor from 1.2 until I know what will happen.

Can I still use Blaze?
I trust that MDG are doing to right thing by moving on to React, but I am in the middle of a project and dont upset the flow by all of a sudden moving to React.

If I update, do all the packages work?

How much do we have to change in our 1.2 apps to work in 1.3?

I’ve been following the blog and forums, but these kind of questions arent clear to me.

Wouldn’t hurt to just make a new branch (assuming you are using git) and try it out? If you’re using blaze, most things should still work as normal.

Yes you can still use Blaze.

Nobody can guarantee that all packages will work, that is up to the authors as with every project that has external dependencies. Try it out and you will see whether or not it works. For me, it has worked out fine, and I have a fairly large project.

Here is a Migration guide, but from your post it doesn’t seem much of it will apply to you.

When you decide you want the benefits of lazy loading, there are a few more steps to take, like importing everything everywhere.

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Thanks thats very useful.

I told my team we’ll launch the app in 1.2 and I’ll muck about afterwards to see if 1.3 works fine Then see start getting into react.

Same case… I didn’t update meteor in my machine since we have a project written in Meteor 1.2 + React (that eventually would be converted to 1.3).

Instead I tried it by creating a new project via

meteor create appName --release 1.3


Just try it on a separate branch. We did the upgrade and it was almost without issues. Most big change is the new Cordova and specifics there so if that’s relevant test that part well. Blaze, old packages etc. all worked out fine.