[1.3] How to avoid duplicate dependencies Athmosphere/NPM

I’m trying to get my app upgraded to 1.3, which seems to go a lot better now in than it did in 1.3.1, yay \o/

One issue that I’m running across as I try to transition from Atmosphere to NPM is that a lot of packages declare dependencies on basic libraries (like for example moment), causing both NPM and the Meteor package manager to include them, since one doesn’t know the other.

The app still works, but it feels a bit unnecessary. Is there any way around it?

You can reach out to Meteor package authors asking them to revisit how they’re handling their dependencies (by using something like Npm.depends or tmeasday:check-npm-versions). Better yet submit a pull request with the necessary updates. This will get better over time as the transition to npm progresses, but it’s a bit painful right now (especially with packages that have been abondoned).