1.3 How to set up Webstorm perfectly?

Hi guys,

after migrating to 1.3 and having the new meteor-testing tools, maybe NOW is the right time to switch from Sublime to Webstorm??

Sublime is great but there are things that I totally miss.

This is what I hope that Webstorm can bring in:

  • “perfect onKeyPress auto-complition” for functions, classes, constants
  • jump to function/class/definition” - being able to quickly jump to a definition-source form a file that calls/uses it. Sublime has a “jump to definition” that does NOT work for me
  • Wallaby integration” - is there anyone having wallaby running successfully with 1.3 and webstorm? How does ist work?
  • easy server-side debugging

Who can vote for this setup and uses it successfully?

MOST OF ALL: Is there a tutorial to set it up easily with all the cool gimmiks?

I am looking forward to your tips