1.3 Upgrading Issues

I just upgraded from beta1.7 to 1.3. In my main.html I have a jQuery and Bootstrapv4 script tag. I have an accordion on which I call $('el').collapse('toggle'). All of a sudden, I got an error that $(...).collapse is not a function. Can’t figure out why it would break like that. Using React on the front-end for what it’s worth. Any help is greatly appreciated…

I’m experiencing exactly this. Have a jQuery plugin in client/lib. I get this message in browser console:

Exception from Tracker afterFlush function:
meteor.js?hash=ec96c6f…:913 TypeError: tpl.$(…).selectpicker is not a function

I can see that jQuery has been defined before the code in client/lib/bootstrap-select.js runs.

I had to run

meteor npm install --save jquery

To get jQuery working at all, in case that’s relevant

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@jimmytidey this is what I did.

  • I went to the bootstrap site and got the js code, copy/pasta into a third_party/bootstrap/bootstrap.js file
  • then I wrap the bootstrap code in a function, and export as a module - module.exports = bootstrapInit
  • then I invoke the function in my main wrapper route (using react-router) in componentDidMount - initBootstrap()

That’s very helpful, thanks for letting me know. I’ll confirm if that works for me.

Is that the right solution though? I can’t understand why it doesn’t work as it is? Do they want me to include all external javascript through NPM?

I put jquery plugins and things in "client/compatibility"and it’s working. Not sure if it’s the correct way to fix it.