1.4+: head.html location fixed?


Just to confirm my findings. I would like to ask if am I right saying that the ONLY possible location for std. ‘head.html’ file is the /client folder ?

Like that:

├── client
│   ├── head.html
│   └── main.js


It doesn’t have to be named head.html (could be anything *.html), but AFAIK yes, you have to put a file with stuff in your <head> tag in the client/ folder, because those get pre-processed in a special way (merged with tags that Meteor puts in <head> tag.

Similarly you need an entry point for your application where you import all the code you need, hence the *.js file in the client/ directory (and similar one in server/)


So main.js in the /client (or /server) folder do not have to be named “main” ?? Just any xxx.js like file name is ok as an entry point for client or server code?


Yes, because all files in client/ and server/ get loaded automatically regardless of their name (the filename only matters for the order of loading the files).