1.4 update woes

I have a great running project.
Following the guide I do a

meteor update --release

which crashes with

Errors while initializing project:

While loading package fourseven:scss@3.4.3:
error: Command failed: 
throw err;
Error: Cannot find module '../'

Checking out the fourseven package I see they want me at version 3.8.0
so I

meteor add fourseven:scss@3.8.0

which generates a boat load of errors starting with

    Errors while adding packages:             
    While selecting package versions:
    error: Conflict: Constraint caching-compiler@1.0.5_1 is not satisfied by caching-compiler 1.0.4.
    Constraints on package "caching-compiler":
    * caching-compiler@=1.0.4 <- top level
    * caching-compiler@1.0.4 <- caching-html-compiler 1.0.6 <- templating 1.1.9 <-
    blaze-html-templates 1.0.4

Could anyone help me understand what these errors are telling me?
Constraint caching-compiler@1.0.5_1 is not satisfied by caching-compiler 1.0.4.

and what I can do to move forward…

Having the exact same problem!

I gave up trying to get Meteor update to work.
I rebuilt the project from a newly created 1.4.
Just installed the latest versions of all the Atmorsphere and npm packages I was using (and all the source for the project).
The project runs fine.
As I didn’t change any of my source files … the only files that changed where in the .meteor folder.
versions release and packages.
I litterally replaced these files in my project (I want to keep the git history).
Project is now working fine in 1.4
This took about an hour an half. Watch every package install. Don’t allow an old package to install on old version. For me ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 was installing an old version stylus (among others). Just remove the package install the current version of stylus then reinstall ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3.
This worked for me.

i had this too…
in the end i just removed the package, as well as the package which required it.
updated meteor…
then added the package back in forced to the most recent version (3.8.1 i think)