logs users out on server restart?


I updated one of my branches to in response to the vulnerability disclosure, but now, whenever my server restarts during development, I get logged out of my app.

Has anyone encountered something like this since updating, in either development or production?


Yup, but they are fixing it:

See also this comment:


Rad! Thanks for the link :slight_smile:


Thanks to @hwillson for the fix! I just put out a release candidate including this change (and others). Please help test it:

meteor update --release

(Feel free to report success here in the forums, but remember that GitHub Issues are the best place for :bug: bug reports!)


Solved my Cannot find module '<built-in>' issues. Thank you very much for such a quick release!


I’m no longer encountering logout issues with

@abernix, is this also fixed in 1.6-rc.0?


@vblagomir Great to hear!

@rjdavid It is not. We will definitely get it ported to 1.6 as soon as we get more developers confirming the fix in

And on second thought, contrary to my previous statement, everyone should report success and failure in the issue. Too hard to keep track of the score. I’m not sure what I was thinking when suggesting that. :slight_smile:


Got it. After an entire day developing and testing in, I never encountered the issue.

And yes, I was just logged out while testing 1.6-rc.0