1.5.2 Mac OSX Building Based On Files Changed

There has been a major performance issue with 1.5.2. In 1.5.1, I never had any issues with the compiler seeing files changed and recompiling. In 1.5.2, after I make a change in any file (html/ts), it is anywhere from 5 seconds - 5 minutes before node rebuilds my app. It seems as though it is polling at a certain time, although 1.5.1 was consistently 1-2 seconds after I change a file. Seems like it gets hung up at downloading missing packages sometimes. I am constantly having to either wait a few minutes after making any changes, or go to activity monitor, kill the node process, waiting for it to shut down, then re-running my command to build meteor debug. This is really slowing me down.


I’m having this exact same issue. Always when saving files the rebuilding gets stuck on “Downloading missing packages” for about 2 minutes before continuing. The node process also spikes to >100% CPU according to Activity Monitor.

I’ve tried removing .meteor/local & restarting and reinstalling meteor & rebuilding whole project. Only reverting back to 1.5.1 gets rid of the problem.

I’m running macOS 10.12.6 on the latest MBP

Edit: It seems that the text “Downloading missing packages” does not always appear. Sometimes the prompt skips a bunch of lines, and starts logging somewhere middle of the build.

I am also having build problems on 1.5.2 on OSX, but mostly because not all file changes are picked up by Meteor. Not just CSS files, as in https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/9054, but mainly .js files. I find myself frequently doing a meteor reset to make sure that every file gets compiled.

It’s likely the same problem as https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/9054. Are you able to make the problem go away by setting the METEOR_WATCH_PRIORITIZE_CHANGED environment variable to false?: For example:

METEOR_WATCH_PRIORITIZE_CHANGED=false meteor # ... more args as usual.

At least for me setting the variable did not change the situation.

Just for reference, I created an issue to github about the problem: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/9094

@kirstu I think I misspoke about your issue being the same as 9054. I don’t think it is. Thank you for creating that 9094 issue!

@willemx Your situation, on the other hand, does sound like 9054.

Sorry for the confusion!