1.6.1 bundle size is not smaller


https://blog.meteor.com/announcing-meteor-1-6-1-50aad71da4e6 teases with:

I’m especially excited about pull request #9439, which promises to reduce bundle sizes dramatically for modern browsers and Node, and enable truly native async/await (and other ECMAScript features) in the browser.

However, after upgrading (which actually was a lot of work because of the forced coffeescript update), my JS bundle size and download time actually increased:



Note that it went from 440KB to 484KB.

Is this normal? Have you guys been experiencing different results?

Edit: the increase is probably caused by some modules that I had to clone to the /packages directory to override the coffeescript dependency.


The quote you have from the post talks about upcoming 1.6.2, not 1.6.1


Gotcha, thanks. It’s getting late :drooling_face:


Hello, are you using the bundle-visualizer package to see the details of your bundle? That can be a good way to optimize it.

And as @seba said, we need to wait for 1.6.2 to see if we have better numbers out of the box.

If dead code elimination starts to work considering Meteor.isServer / Meteor.isClient / Meteor.isCordova will be easier to reduce size with shared code, like in collections and using nested imports.


Hey, yeah I’ve used the bundle visualizer before, and am using dynamic imports now in some places. I was just checking high level, because Ben was promising ‘dramatic reductions’ (but I misread).