1024 worker_connections are not enough

Please help my app keep throws the error:

1m2020/08/22 03:24:29 [alert] 2306#2306: 1024 worker_connections are not enough

How do i fix this ?

It would help immensely if you could tell us some more specifics. E.g.: in which log are you seeing this? Do you self-host your app?

Btw. worker_connections appears to be a directive in nginx. If nginx is part of your setup, you could check out the thread https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28265717/worker-connections-are-not-enough on stackoverflow.

Error from the log mup proxy logs -f -t --tail 300 shows the error 1024 worker_connections are not enough very often
And i believe it indicates the 500 error when using a browser to access the website.

I have the app running on a 8core vps and the screenshot shows me no problem with the system:
Also the app (code level) has no problem at all.

But it keeps throwing 500 related errors. When there’s a lot of requests. I also opened an issues here

The mup document didn’t say much about it

Here are the solution i tried to apply:
In my mup setting, I have this:

  proxy: {
        domains: 'mysite.com',

        shared: {
            nginxConfig: 'D:/var/mup',

And I wanna modify the default nginx for the Mup docker nginx proxy.

I Searched a lot and found a template here nginx config
But i can’t make it work. “worker_processes” directive is not allowed here