12-year-old launches Meteor app

My name is Nathaniel Dsouza, and I am a 12 year old developer. I launched my company, KidzIdeaz, on July 4th (press release). Meteor played a key role in launching KidzIdeaz. I watched my Dad using Meteor and really liked what I saw. I used Meteor to build a web application called KidzIdeaz (hosted on Galaxy). KidzIdeaz enables kids to record their ideas, share them with friends, get prototypes built, and even sell them or promote them to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. My hope is for KidzIdeaz to be used across the world and I have already introduced internationalization (TAPi18n) so that kids can use the site in their native language. Here is a link to my information website: - http://www.kidzideaz.xyz

I do all my development on Nitrous.io. I used Bootstrap, Spacebars templates, jQuery, MongoDB, and a bunch of packages such as Iron Router, reCaptcha, Google Maps API, MomentJS, and AntiModals. Based upon advise from Sacha, I will be moving to React in the near future. I recently installed Kadira and am loving its cool features. From a young age I have tried other coding frameworks but I really enjoyed using Meteor. I realized that Meteor makes coding fun and easy. For this reason I started KidzIdeazTECH, an initiative for kids to learn to code while building real world apps.

At KidzIdeazTECH, kids support and grow the KidzIdeaz application while learning real world computing skills. My goal is to have a structure in place that easily allows other kids, or groups of kids, to work on different modules for the app, learn computer programming and move on to building their own applications using Meteor. I started the first team in Princeton, NJ a few months ago.

I want other kids to leverage the free technologies that I used to develop and host my app. The KidzIdeaz App source code will be available for all kids to improve upon or even build new applications. There is a ton of stuff that I still have to learn and I look forward to you, the Meteor community, providing us kids with your valuable advise and guidance. KidzIdeazTECH is expected to formally launch in a few weeks. The information site is available at http://www.kidzideaz.tech

Everything is completely free for kids but I realized that some kids do not even have access to a computer and the internet. KidzIdeazSOCIAL is a movement to get sponsors to provide free low cost laptops and internet connections to deserving low opportunity kids. That’s all they need to get started with KidzIdeazTECH and Meteor. Any help or leads to make this a reality would be greatly appreciated.

Look forward to meeting many of you at Meteor Camp NYC

Nathaniel Dsouza


Congratulations! I hope this is only the first of many projects you launch :slight_smile:


Congrats! Seems like you are doing well for a 12-year-old. Keep working hard on your ideas :slight_smile:


At 12 years I didnt even know how to use a computer T-T gratz


Congrats @therealnate. Congrats for your great work with meteor.

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Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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@therealnate hello, I think the site is currently down. Is it?

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Well done, you little rascal! :smiley: :wink:

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Congratulations … " Ad maiora"

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@newjoint I use Kadira and Galaxy so I went back and checked my logs, there doesn’t appear to be any issues. Are you still not able to connect?

Thank you all for your encouragement. Hope to see all of you at Meteor Camp NYC.

@therealnate I’m amazed at your proficiency with all these different technologies and techniques. If programming comes easily to you, that’s great. Keep it up. Just remember, though, if you ever get stuck, it’s not the end of the world. You don’t have to hide your uncertainty. We’re all here to help you build whatever you can imagine.


Well done Nathaniel! All the best for the future.

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Brilliant work!! Nicely done man I wish you the brightest future and I hope you influence many other children to be like you!!!

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Great website Nathaniel!

Some recommendations that will improve the loading time of your website:

  1. Reduce the size of the images (you have many images, compress them with compressjpg or compresspng).

  2. I tried a speed test and your website has a low score. Follow the advice they give to improve it:

Nice project you have!, I will follow it and see how it goes.


Your site looks great!

This is awesome, you inspire and challenge me to start the team that builds products that people love… Congz


I tried to see if your site link counter is working or not and viola it’s working I clicked it repeatedly :stuck_out_tongue:


This is outstanding work! Well done!

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Hey, however this all company and website parts has been made - it looks high professional and well designed.

I feel a bit that someone mess around me. @Nathaniel respect if this all was your work - but sorry I can’t believe that. Even your post upside here does not sound like a 12 yo boy. It is overall too much polished.

In any case - good luck to you and the group of ghostwriters behind you.