2.0 Release Blog Post!

Hi everyone,

Our team has written a blog post highlighting all of the details around our most recent 2.0 release.

To see all the details around the latest 2.0 release, click here to read our blog post, or view our changelogs here. We’re excited for you to see all of the details and key updates!

Let us know if you have any questions!



Wow, I can’t believe blaze is getting an update with HMR. That’s crazy.

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Wow. Thank you so much for helping us learn more :grin:

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Great work. HMR coming to Blaze is music to my ears, even though the builds are quite snappy already. I hope Svelte is up next :+1:


Blaze + HMR = Productivity on Steroids :muscle: :rocket:

You would go live before the webpack folks figure out their configuration :joy:


Hoping Vue gets official support as well, as of now HMR is conflicting (at least in our case) with HMR of the vue package itself.


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You can already use HMR with svelte with the zodern:melte package. I actually created this before the react fast refresh integration since it was much simpler to get working for testing HMR.

The Blaze HMR integration is in beta. Instructions to try it are in the pull request. I’m not sure how well the implementation in the blaze-hot package will work with real apps, so the more people that try it and share feedback the better I can find a solution that will work reliably in the majority of apps.


It still requires running Meteor from a checkout, right? I’ll definitely give Blaze HMR beta a try :+1:

Those instructions were written before there were Meteor 2 betas. I’ve updated them now. For HMR it requires the app to use Meteor 2 and the hot-module-replacement package.


Thanks again @zodern for the HMR support. It was a breeze getting it up and running and it works beautifully, Meteor React development is feeling super fast now!. :partying_face:

The only thing we’re hoping for is the HMR support for packages. This will be useful for folks doing package-based-architecture which is one of Meteor’s core strengths I’d say.


Congrats, but there is no way this is 2.0 release it seems a bit disingenuous.

Ah OK versioning scheme seems to be changed looking into the roadmap…

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There was a discussion around this topic and the team/community decided to be more aggressive with the version bumps and I think it was a wise decision, we have been stuck at 1.x for years and whe a major feature land, such as HMR, it does make sense to increment the version so it gets the right attention.