2 Events for each 'change .<class>' in Events Section

I’m seeing something odd, and I want to solve it before I move on.

I have a dropdown (select) control with two options ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ in a table as my final column in each row.

So the user can select to take an action on the item int he row.

     {{#each eTypeslist}}
             <td class="shortWidth">
                  <select class="entityTypeActions">
                       <option value="" disabled selected></option>
                       <option value="edit">Edit</option>
                       <option value="delete">Delete</option>

I’m using a change event to detect when the value in any row is changed, and when I console log out, I see the event being recorded twice with each change.

'change .entityTypeActions' (event) {
        let typeId = this._id;
        let action = event.target.value;

        console.log("Selection " + action + " for " + typeId);

Which logs out:

2 entityTypeGrid.js:22 Selection delete for depBQ3C8S4TuNS3zD
2 entityTypeGrid.js:22 Selection edit for zhznA5XQ4bA5yN4i8

The ‘2’ in front of each line indicates that the change was logged 2 times, but I only made each selection 1 time.

Any idea what’s going on here?