2 minute wait for User collection subscription using Compose.io


When using the real data from a hosted Compose instance, I get very slow subscriptions. Both Locally and in Production. With dummy data in local dev, the app is very fast.

All of my subscriptions are iron-router subscriptions, so nothing get’s called on startup.

For example: with exception of the built-in User collection, no subscription is called on the homepage. Navigating to the homepage, I’m waiting 2 minutes, before Meteor.userId() will return anything. This is bad since I use alanning:roles to determine what page to show the user next.

Possibly related, some function is blocking client calls to server methods. But I can’t identify anything on Kadira nor the Chrome profiler.

What other tools can I use to discover if something is blocking subscriptions?


The round trip for a simple meteor method call ( which simply logs ‘called’ on the server) takes 100 secs.

The app contains user and admin pages. If I remove the admin pages the latency reduces by 50%.

If I remove all but one template or users, I get down to 15 secs. If I go a step further and remove all the client vendor files: moment, numeral, materialize, select2 etc. I can get my roundtrip down to 5 secs.

Why would JS files not being used by the current templates slow down the app this much?