2 Questions about React or Blaze

I have 2 questions. And I hope that this question be answered by people who are already using React to create an application (not just trying the examples)

  1. With the current state of Meteor (v1.3), which one would you use. React or Blaze ?

  2. If you choose React, in addition to performance what other factors that make you choose React

Thanks for the answer

  1. Blaze, because I like to be in control of my DOM (Though I’d actually use Vue)
  2. React Native for native mobile performance, built-in server-side rendering, hot-loading and healthy adoption rate/ecosystem

I chose React because it clicks for me to make dumb components that only draw data according to state. I guess I got used to the React way.

Also knowing React is knowledge that transfers easily to other languages and frameworks. For example, I learned React because of Meteor - but now I’m leveraging React in a Rails app.

With Blaze you kind of only use it in Meteor.

If you’re someone dabbling with Meteor and don’t care about your skill set transferring anywhere else, don’t care about anyone outside Meteor contributing to Blaze and are happy with it’s current feature set (which hasn’t changed in forever), go with Blaze.

If you want to break out of the hopeless cult like ecosystem Blaze is currently stuck in, have a transferable skill set, like your view layer actively developed by contributors outside of just Meteor go with React.

It should be obvious I find the current Blaze situation pretty bleak.

I relatively new to Meteor, I vote for React.

Actually I start with Blaze because its the official suggestion, then I have some serious suggestion about React and I’m switching to React, after a few days I have some serious problems with combining routing and getting data from collections and there are not much official help to support that, so I decide to test those things on Blaze and if it’s fine convert back to Blaze, but Blaze is not make it any better so I stick with React and interestingly solve all those problems.

React is so good I think if you use to it you can never dump it for anything else, React is more like WYSIWYG, you have just one .jsx file for each component or other things, but in blaze you have a .js a .css and a .html.

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I think this question is misleading - it’s not an exclusive-or.
React doesn’t make sense for every project(btw. it’s the same with graphql) - in most projects this will just be another layer of abstraction/complexity - slowing down the development process.

So the question should be “when should I use react” or something in this direction and even this question is hard to answer - react is a solution for a problem you’ll probably never have to face/solve.

I personally use react only in one real-live project as we needed to draw real-time graphs and had some performance problems with blaze - to be fair, the problems would probably have been solvable in blaze, but we all wanted to get into react to we did it there.

For non fps heavy applications, I’d still go with blaze and i seriously think about giving feathers a try as meteors price/session is just to high for some of our stuff.